A New Day Dawning

Posted on 16. Dec, 2009 by in Blog

I’m watching the dawn this morning, observing  the two ‘tiers’ of grey cloud followed beneath by an emerging rosy hue As I explore this as a metaphor, I find myself wondering about where in our lives today might we each move more consciously from the grey clouds to the rosy hue, even if just briefly; to experience again the lighter, brighter side of life and our relationships.

 There are several recognised ‘toxins’ to relationships which, if present a lot over time can erode the postivity and optimism that was present when the relationship first formed. One of those is blaming. I wonder how it might be not to blame another…for anything? Not to point the finger, condemn or fault anyone else, just for one day? And what might be possible if we include ourselves in that too – not to blame, fault or condemn ouselves either?

What if that day is today?

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