To support job-hunters, I have also partnered with speaker and presentation coach, Sandy Collison, to offer specific assistance with personal presentation and the opportunity to think through the interview process and how to deal with it.

You will learn how to

  • approach an interview
  • prepare for an interview
  • present yourself for an interview
  • deal with difficult interviewers
  • control your nerves
  • deal with disappointment
  • get the best from an interview

This programme can include the opportunity to do a practice interview which is recorded on camera for replay and analysis.

An individual training session lasts about 3 hours.  

Sandy also provides small workshops specially designed for school-leavers and students going for university interviews or first jobs.   They are an excellent preparation for entering the adult world of work and life beyond school.

Please note – this training is not profession-specific.

For more information please email me