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Small Group Career Coaching Programme

Next Available Programme Starts: September 2010

Are you….

  • at crossroads in your career?
  • feeling confused about what’s next and looking for help with decisions?
  • concerned that your work just doesn’t feel rewarding enough?
  • wondering where to start with discovering what the right work is for you?
  • taking redundancy and ready to consider what next at work?
  • thinking “new year, new job” but what should it be?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then our brand new career coaching programme has been created for you!

Two highly experienced professional coaches, Michelle Bayley and Sue Powell, will be leading you though this exciting new career change programme. Running over 10 weeks it’s been, designed to take you from career confusion to clarity and will help you to:

  • understand what makes you tick and what’s important to you in your life as well as your work
  • know your strengths and skills and what motivates you to work (it’s about more than money!)
  • generate ideas for a new career
  • create an action plan for moving forward.

Coaching starts with the belief that you know you best, so this programme supports you in finding the work that’s the right match for you. It’s not about someone else telling you what it is! It will include two half day in-person group coaching sessions, group coaching calls and one to one calls with one of the professional coaches.

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For Coaches and Coaches-in-Training

Firework Career Coach Training

For more information about training in UK 2011 click here

For more information about the next training in Spain contact me

CTI Co-Active Coach Training

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Coaching/Mentoring for Coaches-in-Training

I coach and mentor coaches- in-training and those undertaking certification. Please contact me for further details of my special rates for coaches-in-training and to set up a chemistry session to see if we’d be the best coach and client for one another.


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