Next UK Firework Training Day – 4 June 2019

fireworksI’ll be training the next UK Firework Training Day on 4 June 2019 in Richmond, Greater London.

The Firework Career Coaching Programme was developed by coaches for coaches and the programme provides you, the coach, with everything necessary to coach a client to find the work which fits with their values and their strengths.  The Firework programme provides you with all the tools you need to take a client from having no idea what is their right work, to having total clarity about their new career direction and the motivation to make it happen. The great thing about the programme is that it combines your coaching skills with a tried and tested toolkit and innovative process.

And you’ll receive a fully-detailed career coach’s manual, giving you step by step guidance on every aspect of the programme. There’s a CD containing  briefing notes ready to email to your clients on every assignment and exercise, plus some innovative “structures” for capturing the work they do as they proceed.

“This has been a really constructive, informative induction into an exciting model of career coaching. The model brings in the heart and spirit, as well as the rational, which ensures sounder decision-making” Trudy Arthurs, Life and Business Coach and MD of Dancing Leopards

“Loved the course! Congratulations, you have developed a fantastic leading edge programme that cleverly introduces fun, creativity and power to career coaching. I learned far more than I expected. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful ideas with us.” Rose de Vere Hunt, Career coach

To register your interest to receive more information email Firework administrator Sue Harford on